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Whimsical Dreamscape captures the serene beauty of a sunrise over distant mountains. The Calm river meanders through the painting, reflecting the vibrant hues of the morning sky - a breath taking blend of yellow, orange, pink and blue. The contrasting purple grey storm clouds hovering above add an element of dramatic tension, creating a captivating visual narrative that evokes both tranquillity and anticipation. The artist's masterful use of colour and composition invites the viewer to immerse themselves in this captivating autumn scene, where nature's sublime beauty takes centre stage. 


Artist quality watercolours on Leyton's CP 300gsm 100% cotton paper. Size is 19.5 x 27cm. Reference used for inspiration by Chiem Seherin.

Framed art pictured is for demonstration purposes only. After purchase your art will be sent to you flat (not rolled in a tube) and without a frame due to recent breakages in the post.


Whimsical Dreamscape

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