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Winter's Silence is an enchanting abstract winter landscape that comes to life through the delicate medium of watercolours. This beautiful painting depicts a serene, snow-covered landscape that exudes a sense of tranquillity and peace. 


Soft muted colours were used to capture the essence of a winter's day. Cool shades of blue dominate the paper evoking a chill in the air and the quiet stillness of the season. 


The composition of the painting creates a harmonious balance between simplicity and complexity. Soft, sweeping brushstrokes bring to life the icy lake and mounds of snow, while delicate layers of translucent colour creates a sense of depth and texture. The absence of intricate details allows the viewer's imagination to wander and explore the vast white landscape. 


Winter's Silence invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the peacefulness of the winter season. It captures the fleeting moments of quiet solitude and invites reflection on the beauty of nature's transformation. This artwork serves as a gentle reminder to embrace the stillness and find beauty in the simplicity of the winter landscape. 


Artist quality watercolours on Saunders 300gsm 100% cotton paper. Size is 7x10". Framed and ready to hang. Framed art shown is for demonstration purposes only, actual frame styles and colours may vary.

Winter's Silence

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