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Serenity of Nature Series

The Serenity of Nature series was inspired by a tranquil autumn walk early one morning. I was instantly struck by the stunning colours and overwhelming beauty that surrounded me. I knew I had to try to capture this tranquil moment and recreate it in my artwork. 

Back in my studio, I began to paint a series of abstract landscape paintings that would showcase the rich tones and warm hues of the season. Using watercolours I worked tirelessly to create paintings that perfectly embodied the spirit of the autumn season and its tranquillity. The brushstrokes are loose and moody, giving a sense of movement perfect for abstract paintings. 

My goal with this series of paintings was to capture the essence of autumn, the colours and serenity so as to bring the magic of this season to life for everyone. Then I fell in love with the magic of the series and decided to continue to create abstract pieces for each season. One serene walk inspired a series that will span every season.

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